Monday, August 20, 2012

rue magazine

When Rue, San Fransisco's top online style (and all round gorgeousness) magazine emails to say they need a photographer to shoot the offices of MIH Jeans you a) squeal.. and b) take the job in a heartbeat.

The world's most amazing photographers who I have admired and looked up to from the very beginning of this journey grace their beautifully designed pages and that internal 'goals that seem impossible but I'll be damned to make them possible' list definitely had 'See my images in an issue of Rue'... so to me this isn't just some tear sheets with my photographs.  This represents another little milestone.. another achievement.. that dreams are totally possible and there is absolutely no reason why I should ever do anything but really go after them..

The incredible blog SFgirlbyBay also featured some of the images from the shoot.. (if you are in to your interiors you NEED this blog in your life. You can also see the full Rue (June 2012) issue and read all about the fabulous MIH Jeans and their amazing family history here.

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