Friday, July 5, 2013

Health and living

The health and wellness industry is the next trillion dollar industry. Being a physician and entrepreneur makes me increasingly aware of society's increasing attention to their health and living longer. The number of gyms is increasing. You can't watch early morning or late night television without glimpsing exercise machines being touted by celebrities. 

The health and wellness industry will have to address increasing obesity in the population, especially children. Kids have now moved inside and become sedentary. The number of cable channels and video games has skyrocketed! We all will be caught up in the growth of the health and wellness industry. We will be either product / services seekers or business opportunity takers or both! The wise individuals will be in both categories. Paul Zane Pilzer relays that 10 million millionaires will be created by this industry in the next few years. To be one of those millionaires, you will not only have to be an opportunity seeker; but, you will have to act and be an opportunity taker. It is said that direct sales / network marketing have merged with the health and wellness industry to create the perfect storm of opportunity.

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