Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Monday!

It's Monday...and it's Spring! The birds are singing outside my window as I type...and the flowers are blooming. This weekend we took a drive and I was in awe of all of the wisteria blooming here in Georgia. It's amazing! It is my favorite flower of all time...and it only blooms for short time. But it takes my breath away with its beauty! The picture below is an iphone picture so don't judge.

I'm still recovering from my trip to North Carolina last week. I flew into Raleigh for a super fun project but I can't give all the details yet. I starred in (still makes me laugh when I say that) a promotional video for a new product from a major company...crazy exciting and I was so nervous! I filmed with another blogger who was amazing to work with (she's a pro when it comes to filming so she made it fun and helped calm me)...soon I'll share all the juicy info about the filming. And you'll get to see the video (unless I completely made a fool of myself...then you might not see...I'm kidding...maybe). I was feeling good about it all until I saw a picture of myself filming..and it's sad when you realize what you really look like instead of that picture you have in your head...I think I still envision that younger, skinnier, cuter version I left behind years ago. is what it is...we all get older and should be thankful for that...just wish getting cuter was the part of the aging package..not the opposite :)

Now for something fun...cute chairs! At least we can make our surroundings look good, right? Love these chairs from Joss and Main...super cute for a studio or home office...and a great price!

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Have a great day...I'm off to tackle my taxes...good times!


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