Thursday, April 19, 2012

desk prints {super-sized} at a fabulous price!

When you think of a desk print, I bet a 30x40 doesn't come to mind. Maybe it will now! Can you imagine a 16x20 propped along that wall? It wouldn't make as much of a statement, would it? When a client walks in and is greeted by a canvas this size, what size do you think they will want? You are showing them how easy it is to go big...and put it basically anywhere. 

In order to sell big, you must show big. And now is the perfect time to order a big canvas! We are giving Savvy readers something special introduction to a new canvas company with amazing prices and a coupon to make the discount even higher! You will be floored when I tell you the cost of the 30x40 above from CG ProPrints...wait for it...$64.99...yep...under $65 for a 30x40 gallery wrapped canvas. 
I was first introduced to the company, CG ProPrints at Imaging in New Orleans.  I was immediately impressed with the prices but wanted to see the quality closeup and in person so I recently placed an order. The canvas arrived one week later...and it would have perfect if the UPS driver would not have placed it behind my garage door. Crazy spot to leave something...and my husband texted me to deliver the news. He had driven over the box. I called the company the next day and they had another shipped immediately. Great customer service!

So what did I do? Ask them to offer a sweet deal to my readers! and they did! 
You know that crazy price I told you...well...they are giving $10 off that price for one week only! 

This coupon is good only for a customers first order (new customers) and it is good for one canvas only (so make it big).
The offer expires 4/25/12 (one week only) so don't miss out!
The coupon code is SAVVYCANVAS 

*You must be a professional photographer to order from CG ProPrints

side note~ I recently featured another 30x40 canvas that looked quite similar (different smile on her face but same pose) from another can see that post here. Just wanted to clarify it's a different canvas from a different company. 

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