Friday, April 13, 2012

The Savvy Review of "The Thriving Photographer" by Leah Remillet

The amount of products and marketing programs, etc. for photographers are endless...each day I see new things pop up geared toward helping photographers. But so many don't live up to the promises of helping you become a successful photographer that actually profits and loves her business! I am so impressed with the new program from Leah Remillet called The Thriving Photographer. Leah is also the face behind the popular blog go{4}pro

Leah has created a fabulous product to help you "thrive" as a photographer and it's absolutely wonderful! I've had the chance to review all of the materials...and when I saw all...I mean all...which is a ton of learning materials (including the Thrive Sheets...these are awesome) and a generous amount of  templates for your business, I knew this was a product I could recommend to my readers! 

The amount of information here is huge...she has included everything to take your business to the level of success that we desire. And the best part are the audio portions that you can take anywhere with you and listen on your ipod. These are also perfect to listen to while you do your late night editing.
My favorite audio is about her referral it!

Leah has created an amazing amount of info and I'm thrilled to recommend it to you. This isn't a bunch of fluff that you will quickly read through and wonder what you got out of it. This is so much information and learning tools (along with an amazing active business plan which is wonderful!) and the huge amount of audios (twenty five of them!).
Here's more from Leah telling about The Thriving Photographer.


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